How to Maximize your Facebook Advertising Results in 2018

So many people have complained how some of their Facebook Ads haven’t worked in the past or how they feel they practically ‘wasted’ money because their Facebook Ads didn’t convert, or even how Facebook has failed to approve some of their Ads.

First, you should note that if you Ads aren’t approved by Facebook, here might be the most likely reason:

You are advertising something illegal/deceptive/or something that is against Facebook community rules. You can read more about it here:


However, if Facebook approves your Ads but your Facebook Ads aren’t working, here might be the reasons:

1. Your content is not attractive: It is not only about reaching a whole lot of people, it is about the actions they take after encountering your Ads. You can get 10,000 likes but how many of those leads convert to sales? So it is important that your content is crafted in a way that attracts your ideal audience and speaks their language. One of the ways to know this is to look at what has worked for you in the past and emulate it.

2. You are using text-heavy images: If your images are filled with so many texts, your Ads won’t reach enough people. And so, it is better to write the texts in your caption that putting them in your images. Also, you need to make sure the images you are using are captivating and attention-grabbing. Remember, there is a whole lot of content competing for your audience attention.

3. No Call to Action: Your Ad can be attractive and use the right words but if you don’t tell your audience what to do next after viewing your Ads, then you have lost them. Always add a call-to-action in your Facebook Ads

4. You are only using one type of content: You shouldn’t restrict yourself to creating only one type of content. You can promote a video, GIF, meme, etc. Experiment with different types of content.


In addition, here are tips to help you with your Facebook Adverts in 2018:

1. Check your audience insights to know more about your followers: Facebook gives you the opportunity to know who your current audience is, where they are from, and the kind of posts that attract them more. This would help you target the right people when creating a Facebook Ad. Targeting is one of the most important things to consider. Consider your audience age, income, location, interests, etc.

2. Always monitor your advert: It is not enough to run a Facebook Ad, you need to monitor it in real time to see how it is performing and if it is reaching the right audience. One of the tools you can use to monitor your Facebook Ad right from your phone is the Facebook Ad Manager that you can download from Play Store or Apple Store, it is also available on the web. With this tool, you can easily correct what isn’t going well and retarget your Ad. You can edit it to change your budget, audience, schedule, optimization, etc.

3. Have one goal per one Facebook Ad: This is because it makes it easier to measure and work with. One goal helps you immediately know when your Ad isn’t working.

4. Promote what other customers have said: One of the best content for Facebook Ads are testimonials and reviews. Customers trust what other customers have said concerning a brand than what the brand says about itself.

What other tips can you add to the above? Please drop your comments, questions, and suggestions below.


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