How to beat Instagram Algorithm Updates in 2018

Almost every time we hear so much noise about Instagram algorithm updates and how they are making it difficult to get your posts seen by your ideal audience.

One thing you need to know is that engagement is the key when it comes to algorithms.

Instagram algorithm favours posts with high engagement over posts without engagements.

How do you then beat these algorithms in 2018?

1. Always post something valuable and relatable. If a post is valuable or if your audience can’t relate to it, they will probably scroll past. Haven’t you come across posts that makes you pause what you are doing and you can’t help but save the post and even share it with friends?

2. Post on stories: This is one of the easiest ways to put your post in front of your audience even if they open their Instagram app 5 hours after you posted. Instagram algorithm also take your stories into account.

3. Don’t just post, start a conversation: Ask a question, ask your audience to give their thoughts on an issue; start a conversation. Seek to hear from your audience in order to increase engagement.

4. Join an Instagram pod: The idea of an Instagram pod is to inform your group about your latest post and everybody goes to comment and interact with the post. You can also form your own Instagram pod with your friends.

5. Build your community: Don’t just post, create relationships. Relationships are key online. Find your audience and relate with them. Even if they aren’t going to be buying your products, they might give you a good referral. I have had referrals from people who have never used my services before.

6. Run a contest: Customers love free things and they would gladly engage with your posts for free things. Run Instagram contests as often as possible to get more engagement on your page.

7. Post consistently: Post consistently and post more valuable content. This may be obvious but we sure do need a reminder

8. Leverage on trends: Using current trends to market your products or services can help you get more engagement. This is because everybody is talking about it and it is relevant at the moment. Find a way to relate a current trend to what you are selling.

9. Create a strong visual brand: A strong visual brand will easily set your brand apart from others. Once your audience begin to identify with your brand theme, colours, and editing; they can easily recognise your brand from afar and interact with it.

10. Try influencer marketing: Influencer marketing will direct traffic to your page and more people in your target audience will locate you with ease.


What are your thoughts on these tips? Do drop your comments below.

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