6 Tips on Gaining More Instagram Followers in 2018

Disclaimer: More followers don’t mean more sales, however, more followers will increase your visibility and grow your brand awareness.

More engaged followers = More sales

If you want to grow your followers in 2018, here are some of the things you can consider:

1. Targeted Following: You need to go on Instagram and do a research on those accounts that you audience currently follow. How do you know this? Think about your ideal audience, where will you find them? E.g Bellanaija? Are they fashion lovers? E.g @Completefashion? When you find them, follow them. Some will follow back, unfollow those who don’t follow back?

2. Collaborate with feature account: Feature accounts are community accounts in your audience that feature smaller accounts. For instance, in Nigeria, we have @bellanaijastyle for fashion lovers and @asoebibella for aso ebi lovers. They feature other people’s content. You can reach out to these accounts and find out how they can feature your account or you may even run ads on these accounts.

3. Paid Ads: Instagram Paid Ads are also great for getting more followers. Run Instagram Ads

4. Optimize your Bio: Make sure your Instagram bio tells us who you are and what you have to offer. Why should people follow you?

5. Content: Whatever your bio says or promises, your content has to fulfil it. Use high-quality images and post great content

6. Hashtags: Are your hashtags attracting the right audience? Do you include location-specific hashtags in your set of hashtags?

Comments below if you have tried any of the above methods before now!

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