How to Massively Increase your Engagement on Instagram

Engagement is the currency of social media; Engagement on Instagram is important.


If you are not engaging on Instagram or getting engagement on your posts; you are leaving money on the table.


In addition, did you know that Instagram now ranks a highly engaged page more than others?


If there are thoughtful comments on your page, Instagram would rank your page higher and show your posts to more of your followers.


If all you do is post and log out, you don’t drop comments on other people’s page neither do people drop comments on your page, your engagement will be low.


When people engage with your content, they see your content often and they begin to notice you, know you, trust you, and then buy from you.


More comments on your posts = more visibility


When Instagram sees that your post is more engaging, it sees it as shareable and valuable and it shows it to more people.


How to Massively Increase your Engagement on Instagram in 2018


How to increase engagement on Instagram?


  1. Ask questions: know your audience pain points, needs, and struggles by asking them. Get them to talk. When you know more about them, you get to create the right content for them and then they get to engage more with your posts.


  1. Reply your comments: don’t just say thank you, go the extra mile and reply your comments with a thoughtful comment.


  1. Leave thoughtful comments on your followers’ posts: don’t just say ‘thanks for this’, say something like “thank you for this, I will be implementing this and I will let you know the outcome.” If you want more comments on your posts, give out more comments. If you want more likes, give out more likes. It’s simple.


  1. Add call to actions to your posts: this tells your audience what to do and it forces them to talk. E.g. at the end of your caption, ask your audience to comment what they think about what you said or for them to tag their friends or share your post.


  1. Find the right hashtags: Find the hashtags your target audience use and engage with them. Like their content and drop thoughtful comments. E.g. if you sell baby clothes in Lagos, your target audience who is a mum can use a hashtag like #LagosMum. Search this hashtag and interact with people using them.


  1. Know when to post: The best time to post is when your audience is online. Make use of the Instagram Insights feature of your business page to find out the best time to post on your page. Some of the recommended best time are 7am-8am and 5pm


  1. Know your top performing post: Your top performing post is one that has more likes, comments, saves, and re-shares. When you find out what your top performing posts are, you can replicate them and get more engagement.


  1. Post engaging videos: Re-share really great and captivating videos. Videos are more engaging than text. Most people don’t like to read, but they can spend hours watching videos online.


  1. Write engaging captions: Make your captions interesting, you are on social media. Talk to people in an interesting way. Be authentic. Add a personal experience, add something funny.


  1. Giveaways: Giveaways are a great way of attracting new followers to your page and getting people to drop comments and share your content.


How do you increase engagement on your Instagram page? Comments below.

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