Introducing African Business Strategist

African Business Strategist is an online business coaching platform for African business owners and entrepreneurs to get their businesses online or start their online businesses.

African Business Strategist

The strategist, Ayishat Amoo, came up with this platform to mentor and help African business owners or potential business owners start their own online business.

On African Business Strategist, potential business owners get mentored on the rudiments of:

  1. Blogging
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Creating a digital marketing strategy

Potential business owners work closely with the strategist, Ayishat Amoo, at African Business Strategist.

African Business Strategist

Within 3 months of working with African Business Strategist, business owners will be able to:

  1. Launch their websites
  2. Learn how to blog
  3. Learn how to manage their business social media
  4. Learn how to create a digital marketing strategy
  5. Learn how to create a content calendar
  6. Learn how to create a social media calendar
  7. Learn content marketing
  8. Learn email marketing

In addition, this online platform will help already established business owners with writing business contents such as websites ‘about’ page, product manuals, product descriptions, Ad copies, sales copies, company profile, company publications, etc.

Not only that, this platform will give African professionals useful insights on how to professionally communicate with their clients and target audience.

To get started with your online business or get your business online in a seamless way, contact or 09055515085.

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